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General Safety Procedures

Belt conveyors and their transfer points can be dangerous. By their very nature, they feature many “pinch” points and speeding objects. They apply large amounts of mechanical energy to what is basically a loaded rubber band. Operations and maintenance personnel must always be aware of the power of a conveyor, and they must maintain a healthy respect for its potential to injure or kill an untrained or unwary individual.

General Safety Guidelines

There are certain safety procedures that should be observed regardless of the design of the conveyor or the circumstances of operation.

They include:
  1. Lock out/tag out all energy sources to conveyor belt, conveyor accessories, and associated process equipment before beginning any work-whether it is construction, installation, maintenance, or inspection in the area. Use a lock with one key for each piece of equipment. Only the person doing the work should hold the key to the lock.
  2. Employees should be properly trained on the material handling System (including emergency warning signals and emergency stop controls) before they are allowed to work in the area or attempt to install any Brelko® equipment or system.
  3. Employees and visitors should learn and observe all applicable company, local, state, and federal safety rules. It is recommended that a formal testing program covering the safety rules be conducted annually.
  4. The recommended operating speed and capacity for the conveyor and chute should not be exceeded. If assistance for product selection is required, please contact your Brelko® representative.
  5. All tools and work materials should be removed from the belt and chute before restarting a conveyor. A safety “walk around” is recommended prior to conveyor operation, making sure that all nuts and bolts are tightened on all Brelko® equipment or systems installed. Also ensuring that all other items adjusted during installation are tightened, safety guards replaced etc...
  6. All emergency controls should be close to the system, easy to access, and free of debris and obstructions.
  7. A hard hat, safety glasses, and steel-toe shoes should be worn when in the area of the conveyor. Loose or bulky clothing should not be allowed.
  8. Never poke, prod, or reach into a material handling system while it is in operation, to clean or remove foreign objects from the Brelko® equipment or systems installed.
The above guidelines are not intended to replace the safety guidelines of the industrial area, and must be used in conjunction with the industrial area’s safety regulations and those supplied by the manufactures of the specific systems.

All technical and dimensional information subject to change. All general Terms and Conditions of sale, including limitations of our liability, apply to all products and services sold.