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NOVEMBER 2018 - SA Mining

Happiness doesn’t come from doing easy work, but from the satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best.

JANUARY 2018 - Mining Elites In Africa

Throughout its 30 years of being in business, one thing is clear – conveyor belt cleaning equipment designer and manufacturing company Brelko Conveyor Products has never lost sight of the importance of customer service excellence.

NOVEMBER 2017 - Modern Mining

Having just celebrated its 30th birthday, Brelko Conveyor Products says it is contnuing to focus on superior quality, both in products and service. Founded in 1987 in Selby, Johannesburg, Brelko’s frst manufactured product was a belt scraper and the company now has over 30 products to keep conveyors clean and spillage under control

AUGUST 2017 - Mining Review Africa

Conveyor belt cleaning equipment designer and manufacturing company Brelko Conveyor Products is celebrating 30 years in business in 2017. The company’s success is testament to its hard work over the past three decades, which has seen it transition from a mere conveyor belt cleaning product manufacturer into a total transfer point spillage control solutions provider. CHANTELLE KOTZE visited the manufacturing facility to find out more

March / April 2017 - SA mining

A designer and manufacturer of conveyorbelt cleaning equipment for a trouble-free flow of materials at transfer and load points, Brelko has a long history in the industry, with the company celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2017.

August 2016 - Bulk Handling Today

many of us say: “I knew I should..... but I didn’t”. This sentiment certainly does not apply to the team at Brelko Conveyor Products. Conveyor specialists and renowned for their spillage control systems, the company started to make forays into the African market over 15 years ago.

July 2014 - Showroom Showcase

Kenny Padayachee, MD of conveyor belt cleaning enterprise Brelko, attributes his company’s on-going success to the investment in technologically advanced products with an accompanying ‘showroom’ facility promoting innovation, productivity, streamlined manufacture, streamlined delivery and of equal importance, employee pride writes Laura Cornish.

May 2013 - Bulk Handling Today

Innovation in practice. "'Ongoing product development and innovation' is just a catch phrase for many companies to use to market themselves, but in reality nothing much changes in terms of the products and each year it looks pretty much the same as previous year.

September 2012 - Modern Mining

Brelko - a true South African success story. Celebrating 30 years in business this year is Johannesburg-based Brelko conveyor products, which markets a range of cleaning equipment designed to assist in the control of spillage, carryback and dust in conveyor systems and promote the free flow of material at transfer and load points. Modern mining recently spoke to MD - and co-founder Kenny Padayachee about the company's history andf its current operations, as well as its vision for the future. As Padayachee makes clear, Brelko is 100-% owned South African company, not only in terms of ownership but also in product design and manufacture.

May 2011 - Model Factory For Conveyor Products

Visiting Brelko, one of the foremost conveyor product manufacturers in the world, has always been an entertaining experience because managing director Kenny Padayachee effortlessly makes his visitors feel at ease and comfortable. As if his subtle sense of humour and quirky remarks throughout the visit aren’t enough, he has a unique and interesting business philosophy, evident in the success of the company.

March 2007 - Bulk Handling Today

Moulding a new start. "'This is a big year for Brelko', say Kenny Padayachee, managing director of Brelko, with conspirational waggling of his eyebrows. 'We're twenty this year, and we are invloved in number of developments which will push Brelko forward.

March 2005 - Bulk Handling Today

Walking through Brelko's facility in Johannesburg is always a pleasure and when accompanied by managing director, Kenny Padayachee, it becomes a long remembered experience where one not only learns about engineering ingenuity but also gets an insight into the philosophy that has made an exceptional company.

2002 - Fifteen Years Young

Kenny Padayachee is a man who is proud of his business. And it shows when he talks about it. This is probably one of the reasons why he has built Brelko into a leading supplier of conveyor products - because he is passionate about what he does.