After more than 30 years of innovation and development, BRELKO lead the way in the design, manufacture and delivery of high-performance conveyor belt cleaning and control equipment for the most arduous applications

When conveyor belt spillage control becomes a challenge, the industry turns to BRELKO for our expertise with over 30 years’ experience as a supplier and advisor on spillage control to the bulk materials handling industry. We also offer a service program where all aspects of the specified service requirements are met. BRELKO utilises full-time, trained service technicians to conduct thorough and effective service and maintenance tasks. In addition, we incorporate any engineering support required to enhance system operation, availability and performance.

Natural Progression

BRELKO was founded in 1987 in Selby, Johannesburg. The first product that BRELKO manufactured was a belt scraper which was soon joined by several other products and today we offer a full range of equipment primarily designed to keep conveyors clean and spillage under control.

Included in the range are Chute Sealing Systems (Keyskirt®), Belt Support Systems (Feedboots), Hi-impact Belt Support Systems (BTA), High-pressure Belt Wash Systems, Blockage Removal & Bulk flow Activator Systems (Air Cannons), Belt Tracking Systems, Belt Ploughs and Belt Scrapers, all locally designed and manufactured by BRELKO and protected by patent. BRELKO is very focused in terms of our equipment line-up with around nine basic products. These are available, in a range of models, sizes and configurations.

Improved Technology

BRELKO’s equipment is subject to constant R&D and modification, so we are frequently introducing enhanced versions of existing models. The BRELKO products are manufactured in a modern, spacious, well-equipped factory located at our new premises in Booysens, Johannesburg.

BRELKO moved to the new property in 2010 and has since been busy renovating and extending the buildings it inherited. The factory, 7 500 m² under roof, has some state-of-the-art machinery installed, including the latest generation Leadwell V-80L Vertical Machining Centre (VNC), basically a highly sophisticated CNC milling machine, as well as a fully automatic polyurethane machine that now moulds around 6 tonnes of polyurethane a month – compared to about 300 kg a month in BRELKO’s early years.

New Releases

After identifying the need in the market for a belt tracker, BRELKO examined the problems with existing belt trackers and combining that with the company’s extensive experience, designers set out to design a tracker. It was agreed that the tracking systems should:

As a result of these imperatives, the BRELKO Belt-Tracking-Troughing (BTT) and Belt-Tracking-Return (BTR) trackers was developed.

Rigorous Testing

All BRELKO equipment undergoes rigorous in house and field testing, sometimes up to five years, enabling us to dispatch assured-quality components direct to our customers around the world.

Customer success

At BRELKO we actively encourage customer involvement and we take time to get to know each customer’s application and understand their individual needs. We then, when required, design our conveyor belt cleaning equipment from first principles to fulfil each specific requirement.

BRELKO’s in-house design capability, with 3D modelling and CAD gives the company complete flexibility to manufacture bespoke equipment. Consequently, it has produced some unique conveyor belt cleaning equipment and specifications of equipment to satisfy specific applications and the peculiarities of individual equipment installations from South Africa to the United States.

The majority of machining and manufacturing work is carried out by our own skilled personnel, giving customers the reassurance that their essential components are being produced in dedicated facilities. The result is complete peace of mind for our customers and tailor-made, high-quality, high-performance conveyor belt cleaning and control equipment that are second to none.

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