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Eradication of dust congestion at Mondi Paper Plant

Mondi, a global packaging and paper company, secured the help of Johannesburg based Brelko Conveyor Products in 2020 to assist with a large spillage issue occurring on one of their conveyor belts.


A company that implements green, sustainable initiatives within the business has the future of their business, their people, and their community in mind. Brelko Conveyor Products is no exception and has started paving the way within their company to a greener, more sustainable future.

EMS: Making people’s lives easier

No stranger to growth and development, Brelko Conveyor Products understands that every area of the business needs to be updated when the time comes.

Brelko’s service division growth allows for further growth on multiple levels

With the growth of Brelko Conveyor Products’ service division over the last 11 years, the company has taken great strides to ensure that all infrastructure and equipment is kept up to date and suited to the growth of the company.

Brelko’s service division is proof that employees drive growth

With almost 35 years of service, Brelko Conveyor Products South Africa continues to grow and succeed within the industry.

Brelko Conveyor Products Hi-Impact Idler System proves that quality lasts

Conveyor belts experience impact damage caused by the weight and drop height of every product that it transports, and therefore the belt needs to be protected in specific impact load areas.

Conveyors made safer with the new Brelko Nip Guard Safety Device

Brelko Conveyor Products is proud to announce a new addition to their comprehensive range of products, the Brelko Nip Guard Safety Device.

Pandemic Rattles Global Markets – Brelko is stirred but not shaken

The world has been shaken, markets have been rattled and companies have been rolling off the bandwagon by the thousands.

Need For Speed – Brelko Expands In-House Capacity

“The new robotic gluing system will save on time and cost, deliver accurately glued components”
– Padayachee


Johannesburg-based conveyor belt cleaning equipment manufacturer Brelko’s strategy for continuous innovation, and a belief echoing US politician Anna Eshoo that innovation is the calling card of the future, sees the firm in the test phase of innovative developments on its belt tracking inline unit.


Happiness doesn’t come from doing easy work, but from the satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best. This sentiment by Theodore Isaac Rubin, an American psychiatrist and author, underpins the philosophy of Brelko Conveyor Products, MD Kenny Padayachee tells SA Mining.

Unmatched Spillage Prevention Solution Service

Throughout its 30 years of being in business, one thing is clear – conveyor belt cleaning equipment designer and manufacturing company Brelko Conveyor Products has never lost sight of the importance of customer service excellence.