E905 Head Pulley Belt Cleaner


  • As a Head Pulley Cleaner, working directly on the head pulley.
  • As a Head Pulley Cleaner, when wet and sticky materials are conveyed.
  • Can be installed where there is not enough space for other cleaners.
  • Suitable for all types of conveyor belts and metal fastener systems.


  • Adjustable Brelko torsion twist tensioners allow the cleaner to maintain a constant pressure on the belt, are self-adjusting and allow the cleaner to deflect away from any obstruction, as a significant safety feature.
  • Specially formulated polymeric blades give the maximum life and keep the possibility of damage to belt repairs, splices, and metal fasteners to a minimum.
  • Patented V-base blade mounting makes blade changing quick and simple.
  • Multi-blade construction allows individual blades to deflect for minor obstructions and adapt to the belt profile.
  • Streamlined cleaner construction prevents material build-up on the cleaner.
  • Patented interlocking blade design.
  • Torsion Twist Tensioner and mount assembly including bearing, bushes, mounting brackets and tensioner units.
  • Optional / 3-Piece Shaft Assembly including inner carrier shaft, outer carrier shafts and off-set plates.
  • Carrier Assembly including shaft, V track and end stops.
  • Poly Blades