E952 Composite Heavy Duty Head Pulley Belt Cleaner


  • As a Heavy-Duty Head Pulley Cleaner, working directly on the head pulley.
  • Can be used on high speed and steel cord belts.
  • Suitable for low impact, small particle size materials. Suitable for all types of conveyor belts with vulcanized joints.
  • Suitable for use in corrosive conditions.
  • Used in conjunction with Brelko Secondary Cleaners.



  • Ceramic or Tungsten blade holders with Tungsten Carbide (T3) inserts for extended life.
  • Compact torsion twist tensioners for easy adjustment.
  • Chute side mountings for easy adjustment and installation.
  • Low friction and heat generation.
  • Robust construction for extended life.
  • Patented V-base blade mounting makes blade changing quick and simple.
  • Specially formulated composite blades give the maximum life and ensure accurate assembly and a clean running cleaner.
  • Streamlined cleaner construction prevents material build-up on the cleaner.
  • Torsion Twist Tensioner and mount assembly including bearing, bushes, mounting brackets and tensioner units.
  • Optional / 3-Piece Shaft Assembly including inner carrier shaft, outer carrier shafts.
  • Carrier Assembly including shaft, V track and end stops.
  • Composite Poly Blades Steel Holder and T3 Tip