Conveyors made safer with the new Brelko Nip Guard Safety Device

Brelko Conveyor Products is proud to announce a new addition to their comprehensive range of products, the Brelko Nip Guard Safety Device. With the purpose to improve worker safety while working on the conveyor belts, the Nip Guard was designed to prevent unnecessary injuries that are known to happen around pulley nip points and pinch point hazards.

“Our concern around safety does not only extend to our own employees, but to everyone who works with our machinery,” explains Kenny Padayachee, MD of Brelko Conveyor Products South Africa. “Brelko understands that we have a responsibility to ensure that those working on our machines are as safe from injury as possible. The Nip Guard is our newest product and through extensive research, we believe that we have created a product that provides safety, efficiency and can also increase productivity due to less down time.”

How does the Brelko Nip Guard Safety Device work?

The Brelko Nip Guard Safety Device is easily installed and is attached at those points on the conveyor belt where injuries are most likely to occur. This device improves worker safety around head, tail, and drive pulleys, as these areas are known to be the most hazardous. The Nip Guards are fixed to the pulley supports or inside the head pulley and tail pulley chutes to ensure that there is no varying distance between the guards and the pulley. Due to the Nip Guard’s design, this distance remains constant even when the belt is tensioned.

The Brelko Nip Guard has been manufactured according to various mounting standards including SABS, CEMA, Australian and PROK. It requires low maintenance, can operate in all conditions and due to its robust construction ensures a longer life span all contributing to lower expenses and increased productivity. It is available in Standard and F.R.A.S. Grade (Fire Retardant, Anti Static). It can also be installed on bi-directional belts.

“Brelko prides itself on designing and creating quality products that can be used on any workshop floor effectively and efficiency, and the Nip Guard is no exception,” comments Padayachee

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