Brelko Conveyor Products Hi-Impact Idler System proves that quality lasts

Conveyor belts experience impact damage caused by the weight and drop height of every product that it transports, and therefore the belt needs to be protected in specific impact load areas. In these load zone areas, it is necessary to know what support is needed, therefore choosing the correct supporting agent is important to ensure that productivity is not hindered.

Brelko’s Hi-Impact Idler System was installed at Exxaro Grootegeluk in August 2019, and after various regulatory inspections no idlers have been replaced to date. This type of quality ensures that production can increase without any unnecessary downtime experienced due to maintenance or repairs.

“Choosing the correct equipment is crucial for any application on the workshop floor. There are three questions that need to be answered when choosing the belt support you need,” explains Craig Abbey, Service Manager of Brelko Conveyor Products. Abbey goes on to list the questions as:

Using a quality product is important as you need to know that your belt is supported, and that unnecessary downtime will not be incurred due to faulty equipment.

The Brelko Hi-Impact Idler System is a load point belt support system that is designed to offer maximum impact absorbing capabilities. This system is suitable for all conveyors that are responsible for transporting ROM or high volumes of material and where severe impact load conditions occur. Its unique torsion arm mountings absorb impact and are self-damping. The moulded polyurethane Brelko impact rolls help to extend belt life and last up to three times longer than standard rubber rolls. The arrangement of the idler roll allows for correct belt tracking. The idler’s open construction ensures that any clean-up of spillage and the replacement of rolls is an easy task.

“Brelko understands the needs of the users of their products and tries to ensure that the products we manufacture offer logical use at a high quality. We know what is needed and we don’t compromise on what we offer,” comments Abbey.

Brelko is a solutions-based company, offering products that cover all aspects of conveyor spillage control.

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