Brelko’s service division is proof that employees drive growth

With almost 35 years of service, Brelko Conveyor Products South Africa continues to grow and succeed within the industry. “For a company to move forward and continue succeeding, it relies on the support of its employees, an understanding of the market within which it works, and continues to deliver quality and efficient products that clients have come to expect. If there is no growth, there is no room for opportunity,” explains Brelko Managing Director, Kenny Padayachee.

Growing the business

Brelko’s service division’s growth over the last 11 years has seen the company move from six full teams to 52, with six Area Managers working within all main hubs. Under these six Area Managers, eight Area Supervisors and 10 Boilermakers are placed strategically in the various hubs to ensure the continuous quality and experience expected from Brelko.

Training creates opportunity

In-house and on-site training is a non-negotiable for Brelko, especially when the company is expanding. This ensures that all who work for Brelko and with Brelko equipment fully understand what they need to do to obtain expected outcomes.

Through initial and ongoing in-house training, the quality and integrity of the company and its products are maintained. Along with in-house training, onsite training is provided to all who will be working with Brelko products. This allows Brelko equipment to be used to its full potential without any mishaps, and with complete knowledge and understanding of the equipment. The Brelko onsite training centre is open to all Brelko and client employees. “It is not beneficial to the client or to us for an employee to use a product incorrectly,” comments Padayachee. “Training has to occur for everyone to benefit from the product.”

Employees come first

Brelko has always put an emphasis on employee well-being, which they know comes with job satisfaction. This can only be achieved when the needs of the employee are put first. With training, Brelko understands that all employees are given the resources to do their job to their full potential. Padayachee believes that if employees are unhappy, there will be no buy-in from them, and in turn there will be no buy-in from your clients. Your staff is your spokesperson, and if they are not saying the right things about the company, it is not going to succeed and grow. “Employees are the most important asset of Brelko, and focusing on people’s strengths and possibilities, creates an honest and exciting environment for people to grow, and with it your company.”