EMS: Making people’s lives easier

No stranger to growth and development, Brelko Conveyor Products understands that every area of the business needs to be updated when the time comes. Implementing an Electronic Management System (EMS) into their working procedures has ensured that the company is taking into consideration the needs of their people and how their lives can be made easier; is taking care of the environment with a paperless environment; and is ensuring that accurate and automated reporting is accessible to all employees and clients when required.

“It is easy to stay stuck in a process that you are convinced is working, however as a company grows and as technology develops to aid in the company’s growth, it is time to move towards what is more efficient,” explains Kenny Padayachee, MD of Brelko Conveyor Products. “Happy employees, satisfied clients and a quality product that delivers is how a company grows successfully.”

Advantages of EMS

The EMS system is a job card, task list and a service waybill system that helps employees. No longer is there a need for pre-printed carbon paper books which need to be filled in by hand, then scanned or faxed to head office to be processed. This document would then be printed, recaptured in an internal SQL based system, filed, and then finally used to generate reports. By using EMS this is all done on the system without additional recapturing and the wastage of paper, costs and employee time. Reporting is also done daily and no longer monthly.

In-house training ensure that no employee is left behind

All employees are provided with inhouse training when it comes to new developments that take place within the organisation, whether it is the implementation of EMS or the instalment of a new piece of equipment. The employees of Brelko are given the opportunity to grow with the company and expand their skills and knowledge.

EMS is used primarily by Brelko employees on site at the mines, and through this system are able to capture information electronically, synchronise with Head Office and generate reports all while on site.

Continuous development aids in the success of a business

The implementation of EMS has allowed information to be available to employees on a centralised system when they want it, no matter where they are. EMS has helped to streamline processes and reduce wastage – there is no need for duplication, you only have to capture once. And through the information captured, the decisions made for clients is now backed up with real data.

“Brelko is all about development in all facets of the company, and through this we are always striving to ensure that as the company grows, so do our people and our products. Development is important for the success of a company,” says Padayachee.