Eradication of dust congestion at Mondi Paper Plant

Mondi, a global packaging and paper company, secured the help of Johannesburg based Brelko Conveyor Products in 2020 to assist with a large spillage issue occurring on one of their conveyor belts.

Due to the application of the conveyor belt and it being situated inside of a tunnel, an extreme buildup of dust occurred creating an unsafe and unsuitable working environment. “The buildup of dust was so extreme that it was impossible to see and breathe. Dust can also be hazardous to employees when inhaled, and therefore it was imperative to find a better solution,” explains Craig Abbey, Brelko Service Manager. This amount of spillage on the conveyor belt saw the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) actioning a section 54 and stopping all operation on site until the issue was resolved.

Owing to materials being dropped onto the conveyor belt, the dust spillage in this hard-to-reach area had become so congested that it made it difficult to work within this area, causing a safety issue. “When we arrived at the plant, we conducted an assessment and presented Mondi with a proposal which was accepted. Under ten days we had completed the installation and to date we have not received any complaints of dust buildup in this area,” comments Abbey. Included in the solution was the installation of the Brelko Keyskirt and Keyskirt settling boxes as well as the Universal Feedboots which were installed within eight days chute by chute ensuring limited to no spillage would occur in the future.

With the inclusion of these Brelko spillage preventative products, the materials when placed onto the conveyor belt using chutes, has eradicated any excess dust spillage and has kept the conveyor belt running full time with no unnecessary downtime. “When materials are dropped onto a conveyor belt the chance of spillage occurring is high and can cause dangerous, unnecessary working environments. Installing a preventative measure eradicates any safety issues, while also creating a productive and efficient workplace,” says Abbey.

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