While the Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll on many companies, industrial engineer Brelko has used the global pandemic to streamline its processes in manufacturing.

“There seems to be a buzz in the air, design houses are hiring staff which would indicate projects being discussed or awarded. I sense that there is definitely a bounce back, but as to whether it will be a gradual upturn or all the flood gates will open at once, only time will tell,” GM Jay Pillay comments.

Using this positivity to its advantage, Brelko will be focusing on its next major project over the next year, namely its recently released and patented “Nip Guard Safety Device”, which is available after three years of research and development (R&D).

Additionally, Pillay notes that the company has several projects in the pipeline – its manufacturing facility, marketing locally, targeting international branches, increasing its distributor network globally and more.

The Brelko Product is primarily used on conveyor belts in the bulk materials handling sector.

“We currently operate in many different sectors, such as the food industry, energy and minerals. Our main sector has always been hard rock mining, but we have over the years managed to open doors in other sectors, such as coal, and cement,” Pillay says.

He adds that the company has set up different bases around the country and globally so that it covers as many different sectors as possible.

Brelko designs, manufactures, supplies and maintains a range of conveyor belt cleaning equipment, which consists of a range of conveyor belt scrapers, return belt ploughs, belt support systems, belt tracking systems, chute sealing systems and the Nip Guard Safety Device.

All of the company’s products are designed and manufactured in-house, which gives Brelko the benefit of providing an engineered solution to its customers, all under one roof, Pillay says, adding that the products are designed with the intent being to allow for easy installation and maintenance.

“Our R&D department continues to brainstorm around ways to make items lightweight, modular and interchangeable but still maintain high quality and durability,” he concludes.

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