Illovo Sugar

Solution: Brelko Belt Head Pulley and Secondary Scrapers
Good day to the Brelko team,
I would like to express my gratitude towards Brelko and the service I have received thus far. I am sure as a first time customer you wouldn’t have expected an initial order for fitment of scrapers on all my conveyors in the frontend. The reason is quiet simple, although Tjaart is not a salesman he sold me the concept of no spillage and product carry over. I say this with sincerity that installing new scrapers on my belts was an excellent decision and the back-up service from Tjaart has been phenomenal.
My conveyors are running clean with almost zero spillage. (Almost due to belt damage,ie: grooves in belt) scrapers however are performing 100%. Secondly I would like to commend the management for the service level given to me for M2 conveyor.
I know I may seem a difficult customer at times but from the responses I have received from Jay there was never a point when fingers where pointed toward me however Jay had kept his cool and we came to a mutual agreement on a way forward. From what I see M2 is running beautifully and going forward will look at tracking installations on all my conveyors.
I am very excited and eagerly waiting for the installation of C 2 Troughing tracker as this is my hardest
working conveyor. Once again thanks to Tjaart and Jay for the gold star service level I have received thus far.
Deepak D Jamond