Samancor Doorn Bosch Plant – Mpumalanga (Steelpoort)

Solution: Brelko Belt Tracking System.

Industry: Chrome Processing


Severe conveyor belt misalignment and conveyor belt edge damage that originated from side loading of material through the load chute as well as damaged and misaligned idler frame sets. Plant Management made a commitment to solve the problem using BRELKO’S virtually maintenance-free, wear-resistant and easy to install conveyor belt tracking systems.


To improve the conveyor belt alignment on CV-10, BRELKO installed 1x Belt Tracking Troughing System between the head chute and load chute,± 6 metres ahead of the load chute, and 1x Belt Tracking Return System ± 8 metres ahead of the tail pulley to align the conveyor belt as it passes through the load point. The existing idler frame sets ahead and after the load chute were also aligned to improve the overall conveyor belt alignment


Results of the project showed great improvement. Plant personnel report that the conveyor belt runs true and in­ line; conveyor belt edge damages are something of the past. Plant personnel consider the installation of the belt tracking systems as “money well spent” and.. .