Tronox Namakawa Sands, Brand-Se-Baai

Solution: Brelko Belt Head Pulley and Secondary Scrapers

Industry: Steel


Severe material carry-back and spillage on the Drive – C conveyor due to a badly grooved conveyor belt top cover as well as conveyor belting used with different thicknesses to replace badly or worn sections of the conveyor belt.


To reduce spillage and material carry-back, BRELKO installed 1x E951-TT Composite Ceramic Multi-blade Head Pulley Belt Scraper and 2x E205-T Multi-blade Secondary Belt Scrapers with T3 tungsten tips and Brelko’s patented Torsion Mountings to compensate for the different belt thicknesses on the Drive – C conveyor belts head/discharge chute.


Results of the project showed great improvement. Plant
personnel report that the conveyor belt cleaning has improved
and that material carry-back and spillage were almost completely eliminated.
Plant personnel consider the installation as “money well spent” and…