Sibanye Stillwater – 6 October 2021

“I would like to thank you all for sending an innovative guy by the name of Hendrick Setsibe to Retrofit site. He initiated that we install a scraper on one of our critical chutes on top of our silos which we struggled with spillage for the past 10 years because the scraper was incorrectly installed. Since he installed the scraper on that chute, in early September, we have never experienced any build-up of spillage and this helps us save more time cleaning underneath the conveyor. It also helps in reducing wear and tear on the conveyor.

This is to serve that the good job will not go unnoticed, and this guy is always willing to assist us without asking questions. I am humbly happy with the service he is rendering together with his team.”

Akanyang Lamola, Sibanye Stillwater